Youth Sports

Don’t just send your child or young adult into the field “playing blind!”

Team coaches only have so much time, as they are literally coaching the whole team. To really excel, more individualized training is most likely going to be necessary.

Bare Fitness makes your players Stronger & Faster – with strategic drills and exercises – while learning injury prevention and recovery skills.

This is going to allow longer playing time during offense and defense, no matter what sport.

Here at Bare Fitness training, we believe in not “OVERFLOWING THE BUCKET”, which refers to doing what your coaches are doing in whatever sport your child is doing.

For Basketball, Bare Fitness partners with Tipping Point Basketball for Strength and Conditioning, Vertical explosion and injury & recovery training.

We specialize in body weight using TRX SUSPENSION training being the only Certified trainer in this in the area. As well Kettlebells using basic movement to enhance 3-dimensional movement.

This is not a Sport specific training so it allows for lower chances of injury in sport and in life.

Teaching Speed, Strength, Balance and Recovery training all in one.

Classes are Small groups no more than 12 so your Youth gets more specific training for their level even in a class envirnment.

Youths learn to become better leaders stronger not only in their body but the mind as well in the classes.

I specialize in Youths from 10-18 both female and male Athletes. I Coach basketball, soccer, volleyball strength and conditioning.

The classes are just the kids so they also get grow with new players and possibly new friends outside their circles.

I believe in Quality over Quantity, most Youth, as well as adults, never learn to use 75% of their own body weight strength use which cause injuries when placing heavy loads.

I believe in building lifetime of love of health not just during there sports.

Personal training is to bring in the areas that really need improvement, typically 2-3 times a week and within weeks they are seeing results in their training not just in life, but their sport as well.

Don’t settle for anything less.
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