What is PNOE?

The PNOĒ Metabolic Analysis System

PNOE is a portable metabolic analyzer designed for fitness. Measuring breath by breath data, PNOE utilizes the gold standard method for accurate ergospirometry. PNOE's low cost, portability and high accuracy is a result of its proprietary hardware design and software enabled sensing technology.

The most complete picture of human physiology

PNOĒ’s proprietary data analysis software is the only commercially available tool for automatically analyzing all metrics measured during a metabolic test. The result is the PNOĒ Report, the most comprehensive scan of your client’s physiology that goes far beyond reporting RMR, VO2max, and training zones.

Nutrition Programming

Our registered dietitians translate your client's PNOĒ data to build personalized nutrition programs based on their metabolic profiles, fitness goals, dietary preferences, and restrictions.

Connect Your Heart Rate Monitor

Integration with Apple Watch for personalized HR zone guidance based on goals and fitness level while providing safe workouts for older clients.

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  1. Metabolic Efficiency 
  2. Cardiorespiratory Fitness
  3. Type II - Fast Twitch Muscles
  4. Type I - Slow Twitch Muscles
  5. Fat Burning Efficiency
  6. Breathing Efficiency 

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