Bare Fitness Success Stories

  • Kim S. , Bare Fitness Testimonials

    Chris is a knowledgeable and encouraging trainer! If you're bored with your current workout routine, or just want to mix it up -- get your rear-end here and give Bare Fitness a try!!! You won't be disappointed! You might leave a bit sore, but def NOT disappointed!

    Kim S.
  • Stacey L., Bare Fitness Testimonials

    Love the group TRX classes. The variety is great and Chris pushes you to achieve your goals. Definitely recommend trying it out! You'll be hooked!

    Stacey L.
  • Emily S. , Bare Fitness Testimonials

    Chris is great! He works with me one on one and my husband and dad have joined his group classes. Highly recommend Bare Fitness.

    Emily S.
  • Priscilla
  • Emily
  • Craig
  • Amy W. , Bare Fitness Testimonials

    Chris is a good instructor and pushes you, at your own pace, but keeps it fun! He provides a good variety of exercises and I never get bored! TRX is a great workout !!

    Amy W.
  • Bryce C. , Bare Fitness Testimonials

    Bare Fitness combines excellent choices in fitness approaches and programming. They're emphasis on functional training is the future of the fitness industry.

    Bryce C.
  • Lisa P. , Bare Fitness Testimonials

    Chris is a dedicated business owner who is always striving to improve the business and, more importantly, thrives on helping his clients achieve their goals.

    Lisa P.
  • Grace P. , Bare Fitness Testimonials

    Absolutely amazing. I am so happy with my results. Chris takes the time to Make sure you are getting results and doing it right. I have been stuck at a plateau for over a year. After a couple of months working out at Bare Fitness Training I have lost more inches than I ever though possible. Thank you Chris! I can't wait to see what the next couple of months brings!!!

    Grace P.
  • Michael M., Bare Fitness Testimonials

    Chris is a passionate trainer that works hard to provide the best fitness experience for all of his customers.

    Michael M.
  • Susan H. , Bare Fitness Testimonials

    Chris takes the time to help guide you through the different exercises and making sure you are doing them correctly. He also suggests different modifications for different levels.

    Susan H.

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