Football scholarships 10 tips

May 29, 2024

 by Christopher windbigler

🏈 How to Navigate the High School Football Jungle: 10 Tips for Parents of Aspiring Collegiate Athletes 🏈

Hey there, football parents! Buckle up, because navigating the high school football scene is as intense as a fourth-quarter Hail Mary. Here are 10 tips to help you and your young athletes make it to the college football promised land without losing your sanity—or your sense of humor.

1. Embrace the Crazy Schedules

Forget weekends at the beach. Your new hangout is the football field. Embrace the early mornings, late nights, and endless practices. Just think of it as free entertainment with occasional touchdowns.

2. Be Their Biggest Cheerleader (Not Their Coach)

Your job is to cheer, not coach. Leave the play-calling to the professionals and focus on embarrassing your kid with loud cheers and custom-made T-shirts. Trust us, it’s better this way.

3. Grades Matter More Than Yards

Yes, colleges love a good quarterback, but they love a good GPA even more. Remind your teen that algebra is just as important as agility drills. A 4.0 GPA might score more points with recruiters than a 40-yard dash time.

4. Highlight Reels: Quality Over Quantity

Flooding coaches’ inboxes with every play isn’t necessary. A well-edited highlight reel showcasing key skills and standout moments will do the trick. Think of it as the movie trailer that leaves them wanting more.

5. Social Media Savvy

Remind your athlete that recruiters are watching their every move—online too. Encourage them to keep their social media profiles clean and professional. No recruiter wants to see last weekend’s party pics.

6. Know the Difference Between Encouragement and Pressure

Encouragement builds confidence; pressure creates burnout. Be the calm in the storm of competition and remind your athlete that football is supposed to be fun. Even if you’re secretly eyeing that scholarship.

7. Bad Games Happen

Every athlete has off days. A bad game isn’t the end of their college dreams. Teach resilience by focusing on improvement rather than dwelling on failures. Remember, every fumble is a chance to learn.

8. Network Like a Pro

Get to know the coaches, attend football camps, and join parent networks. Connections can be as valuable as stats. Think of it as LinkedIn for football parents—minus the business casual.

9. Keep Track of Stats and Highlights

Keep an organized record of all game stats and significant achievements. This makes it easier to fill out those endless recruiting forms. Plus, it gives you bragging rights at family gatherings.

10. Discuss Backup Plans

Not every player makes it to the NFL, or even to college football. Have honest conversations about backup plans. Whether it’s another sport or an academic focus, ensuring your teen has multiple paths to success is crucial.

The Real Deal: College Chances and Scores

Here’s the sobering truth: bad game scores can affect college chances. Consistent performance matters, and colleges are looking for reliable players. Encourage your teen to focus on steady improvement and resilience. One bad game isn’t the end of the world, but a pattern of underperformance might be.

Stay positive, keep the humor alive, and remember: this journey is about more than just football. It’s about building character, resilience, and maybe, just maybe, landing that sweet college scholarship.