Speed and Agility Drills for Athletes of All Levels: A Parent's Guide to Using Cones and Bands for Speed Clinics

Sep 27, 2023

 by Christopher windbigler

Speed and Agility Drills for Athletes of All Levels: A Parent's Guide to Using Cones and Bands for Speed Clinics

Howdy, sports enthusiast parents! It's time to swap your foam fingers and cheering gear for some cones and resistance bands. Yes, you heard it right! We're going to walk you through some speed and agility drills that you can bring home and use to turn your backyard into a summer camp for your young athletes.

Section 1: Cones - The Classic Must-Have

Remember those bright orange cones from your school sports days? They're back in business. Only this time, you're not the one running around them.

  1. Cone Drills: Simple, yet effective. Set up some cones in a line or zigzag pattern. The goal? Get to the end as quickly as possible without knocking over any cones. This drill enhances speed, agility, and lateral movement.

  2. Speed drills with cones: Using them to demonstrate from first step to strides.

  3. Agility drills to work on proper stop and go movement to prevent injury and stutter steps that reduce speed and agility in athletes.

  4. Literally endless drills for fun and improvements with athletes and cones for boys and girls.

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Section 2: Resistance Bands - Your Secret Weapon

Resistance bands are like the undercover superheroes of the sports world. They're compact, and versatile, and when used correctly, they can supercharge your athlete's performance.

  1. Resistance Runs: Strap on a resistance band and has your child run against the resistance. This helps achieve maximum velocity, which is key for acceleration and quickness.

  1. Broad Jump with Resistance: In this drill, your child will perform a broad jump while a partner holds them back with a resistance band. It sounds tough because it is. But what doesn't challenge them won't change them, right?

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Section 3: Injury Prevention - Because Safety is the First

As much as we love seeing our kids push their limits, we also want them to stay safe. That's where injury prevention comes into play.

  1. Band Walks for Injury Prevention: This drill involves walking with a resistance band around the knees, which can help strengthen the hips and protect the knees - a key area of injury risk in many sports.

  2. Dynamic Warm-ups: These are movement-based warm-ups that include drills like high knees, butt kicks, and lateral shuffles. They're designed to prepare the body for intense activity, reducing the risk of injury.

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Section 4: Fun - Because What's Sport Without Some Laughter?

Let's face it, drills can be tough. But who said they can't be fun?

  1. Relay Races: Set up a cone course, split the athletes into teams, and watch the competition unfold. This isn't just about speed and agility, it's about teamwork and the joy of sport.

Section 5: Testing with laser timer used by the NFL Combines.

  1. Using Zybek laser timer your athletes will get their starting time as well see the difference after they learned the basics that can be used even into Professional days if they make it to that level!

  2. Long jump testing we will use same long jump testing as the NFL Combine athletes before and after.

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So there you have it, parents - a guide to using cones and bands to boost your child's speed and agility. And remember, progress is more important than perfection. So, let's focus on small improvements, celebrate the wins, and above all, let's make it fun. See you at the clinic!