Stay Motivated Over Time With Our Personal Training Membership

At Bare Fitness we are taking Personal Training to the next level by offering two Personal Training Membership options. Depending on your goals we will help you choose the program right for you.

Before getting started, we take the time to assess your needs to see where you are at in your fitness journey so that we can create the best program for you. We offer both 1 hour and 30-minute programs.

With Two Options You Have No Excuses!

Our 1 Hour Personal Training Program includes 8 to 12 session a month. 

The hour typically consists of trigger point rolling followed by a warmup. Then we move right into the main workout with targeted exercises to meet your goals. At the end of your session, we will finish with stretching and rolling to make sure you get a well-rounded workout. Each month you will receive two Inbody Scale assessments to check body fat and muscle mass so we can keep track of your progress and help you meet your goals.

Our Express Personal Training 30 minute program includes 8 to 12 sessions a month. 

This is a no-nonsense workout built for people short on time that still have the drive to work hard and see results. For this express training program, we will use the warmup part of our traditional training sessions.

Make Your Fitness A Priority With Customized Membership Options

No matter what your fitness goals we have the perfect plan for you! What are you waiting for? For more information fill out the short form on your screen to get started today.


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