Are you hoping to get the most out of your game? Maybe your goals include improved strength or better conditioning. Maybe mobility and agility are holding you back.

No matter what your goals might be, we're here to make them happen with cutting-edge Sports Performance Training.

Bare Fitness is Elkhart's leader in youth sports training and we're committed to helping everyone who walks through our doors find success.

This program is designed for ages 12-17. 10 and 11-year-olds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Our main specialty is Basketball and Soccer training but we offer much more! Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more or to get started today!

What's Included In Our Sports Performance Training?

For most young athletes, improved performance on the field takes practice and patience. But too many young people simply aren't getting the most out of their bodies. Or they're not building the physical skills they need to succeed.

That's where we come in.

Our Sports Performance Training is helping you target specific aspects of your strength and fitness and tailor your training to meet the needs of your sport. Being big and strong doesn't mean much if that strength doesn't translate to your spot.

At Bare Fitness, we're helping athletes all across Elkhart improve their performance with a dynamic combination of...

  • TRX bodyweight suspension training
  • High-intensity interval workouts
  • Kettlebells and battle ropes
  • PLUS speed, agility, and mobility work   

We're Catering To Your Unique Needs

Unlike a lot of fitness programs where you jump in on day one and follow the prescribed program, our Sports Performance Training is all about helping you achieve your own unique goals and priorities.

That's why we start every plan with a one-on-one assessment where we can better understand what you're hoping to achieve. We'll test your strength, speed, and agility and go from there ona customized path to improved athletic ability. 

Bare Fitness is your home for:

  • Professional instruction and coaching
  • Ongoing accountability and assessment
  • Targeted training strategies
  • A direct path to sustainable success

Don't Miss Out! Our Sports Performance Training Is Perfect For Athletes Across Elkhart!

Get the most out of every workout and watch the results translate to your athletic performance in no time. At Bare Fitness, we're proud to offer the highest-quality Sports Performance Training in Elkhart.

Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more or to get started today!

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