Our Group Fitness Training Offers The Best Blend Of Strength, Cardio, And Mobility

At Bare Fitness in Elkhart, we are committed to offering the highest quality Group Fitness training around. Our system is made up of TWO distinct programs, including TRX Circuit Training AND the revolutionary FitRanX Cardio Conditioning program.

Each system offers a combination of bodyweight movements and cardiovascular endurance training to help you build strength, burn fat, and meet the needs of all fitness levels. 

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What Can You Expect From Our Group Fitness Training?

We're offering a comprehensive approach to better health and wellness with a total-body training system. In our Group Fitness Classes, men and women of all abilities can challenge themselves with a dynamic system that keeps your body guessing week after week. 

Join us in Elkhart today for:

TRX Circuit Training: This TRX Suspension system is the best way to build strength and burn fat without risking injury or overuse. We help you build lean muscle with a circuit-style workout that relies on your body weight for resistance. People of all experience levels can take on a combination of: 

  • Body weight exercises
  • Kettlebells training 
  • Battle ropes and more!

FitRanX: FitRanX is a cutting-edge cardio conditioning program that holds you accountable like never before. We use a High Intensity Interval Training program to keep your body guessing and track your success along the way. Our FitRanX members can rely on the MyZone heart rate to stay accountable and measure your progress with precision. This system offers: 

  • Healthy, sustainable fat burn
  • Lean muscle gains 
  • Improved heart health and endurance

In Our Group Fitness Program, We'll Have Your Back Every Step Of The Way

At Bare Fitness, our team is dedicated to your success and we're making it happen with hands-on coaching and unwavering motivation. Our Group Fitness program is great for men and women across our community who are hoping to get in great shape AND for athletes in any sport looking for effective conditioning and strength building strategies. 

We rely on modern-day technology to help you get the most out of every workout and our team of coaches is ready to meet the needs of any experience level. 

We're helping Elkhart: 

  • Develop sustainable fitness strategies
  • Stay accountable each and every day
  • Face life with incredible self-confidence
  • Get the most out of every single workout

Join Us For The Best Group Fitness Training In Elkhart!

Change the way you train and rely on our cutting-edge system to help you see results like never before. Our Group Fitness program includes TWO revolutionary classes are we're ready to help you find success from day one.

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